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If we could cash in every diet and diet product we've ever tried, most of us could collect quite the pocket money!

Isn't it ironic, that although about 90% of all diets fail (in the long run) we tend to blame ourselves instead of the process of dieting?

When they come to me most of my clients are sick and tired of dieting, yet terrified of eating.

They are uncomfortable in their bodies but aren't quite sure how to change. Most of them lost hope and cannot imagine that struggle-free eating can be a part of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

My mission is to bridge the gap between the anti-diet movement your best health and your body composition goals- to change your relationship with food, to help you regain trust in your body's signals and confidence around food and your lifestyle!

I specialize in personalized nutrition, fitness and physique development through evidence-based health and lifestyle coaching.


A little bit about my journey and more....


I am not your typical fitness coach, who has been involved in fitness her whole life.

As a child, I have suffered through quite some health issues and felt too big for long enough to then enter the dark place of disordered eating and never-ending dieting as a young adult.  Name the diet, I've tried it.

Fast forward a few years, plenty of studying and researching later, nutrition and fitness became my passion, and slowly but surely my side-job until it was time to finally dedicate all my time, energy, and resources to it.

My mission and greatest passion now is to be the last nutrition coach you will ever need.


I am here to offer you science-based, completely tailored coaching that will help you noticeably improve your health, your body composition, your mood, and overall confidence without sacrificing living life to the fullest.


I cannot wait to be working with you!



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