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Why is there so much learning involved? Why is individualized coaching the only option?

Here's my WHY;

I believe in 1:1 coaching. Working closely with you, telling you why we are doing what we are doing,  getting your feedback on every step we take and listenting to what else is going on in your life that might be getting in your (our) way and support you through it.

Individualized coaching is not just for you. In a way, it is for me too. It allows me to support you to the best of my abilities, so together we can maximize your potential and apply the tools you need for long-term success.

My goal is for you to succeed and for that we need you to feel confident about all things fitness. At least the ones that concern you and your goals.  As your coach I am here to support you on your journey by translating nutrition science into easily digestable information, giving you practical tips and trick to build the routines and habits that work best for your goals and of course, here for accountability.

Together we prepare, so you can confidently navigate your best lifestyle without my support in the future. No quick fixes, detoxes and other scams involved. Ever. Again.

Just solid nutrition knowledge and a personalized approach to live your best life.


A little bit about my journey and more....


I am not your typical fitness coach, who has been involved in fitness her whole life.

As a child, I have suffered through quite some health issues and felt too big for long enough  to then enter the dark place of disordered eating and never-ending dieting as a young adult.  Name the diet, I've tried it.

Fast forward a few years, plenty of studying and researching later, nutrition and fitness became my passion, and slowly but surely my side-job until it was time to finally dedicate all my time, energy, and resources to it.

My mission and greatest passion now is to be the last nutrition coach you will ever need.


I am here to offer you science-based, completely tailored coaching that will help you noticeably improve your health, your body composition, your mood, and overall confidence without sacrificing living life to the fullest.


I cannot wait to be working with you!



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