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Often times, it is too overwhelming, it feels complicated and time consuming for people to make health their priority. With programs tailored to your company, you can make a healthy lifestyle more available to your people. Offering such initiatives to your employees shows that you care about their health, their quality of life, and overall well-being. What more can you ask for than a healthy, happy team that is feeling valued and supported?

With a background in HR Management and Consultancy and a whole lot of passion for nutrition and fitness, I decided to focus my energies on supporting people on their health journeys and make it my full-time profession. Very quickly I noticed the lack of services directed directly at companies, so I decided to do dedicate a program specifically for employee wellness and health and support employers and leaders in putting their people on the road to a healthier lifestyle. 

A workplace should not contribute to the decline of your employees' health but actively encourage it. With tailor-made programs together we can help your team eat better, move more, and feel absolutely amazing! The result? Significantly less sick leaves, and significantly healthier, happier, and more motivated employees! Creating a culture of wellness and healthy living within your organization will help you create a productive, enthusiastic, and desirable workplace for your employees.


To begin, together we will assess the demographics of your workplace, your wants, and needs and from there, customize a package specifically tailored to your company.


"Dana was with us all the way. She consistently took an interest and was always ready to give us proactive tips. Her organization was excellent and she made herself available for us. I can only recommend it. Try it! "

Nick Zimmermann, Senior Director SAP Concur



Employee retention and job satisfaction programs often include food rewards and incentives such as unlimited coffee, sodas and snacks, while nutrition programs are yet a neglected component of health and wellness initiatives.


Employee health on the other hand often only becomes the primary focus of management when there is an alarming amount of sick leaves and a drop in productivity. 

A poor diet takes a toll on one’s health, overall happiness, satisfaction and productivity as well. Exactly what your business doesn’t want!  

Creating your nutrition initiative does not need to be overwhelming. Balance is offering simple solutions tailored to your needs and budget and help you to encourage and support your people to lead a healthier life and become subsequently happier, energetic, confident and more productive.

Customized packages include both educational and practice-focused programs to offer professional support in creating long-term lifestyle improvements. Most employees want to be healthy and happy at work, it is a win-win situation.

Go beyond just healthy eating tips with your team, and create a whole program with us!



  • Lunch-break Seminars 

  • Nutrition Challenges 

  • 1:1 Nutrition Counseling Online

  • Women's Wellness Workshop

          -Harnessing the Power of the Female Cycle

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Fill out the contact form, so we can reach out to you and schedule and appointment to get started.


We schedule a call or in person meeting during which we discuss your wants and needs.


Based on our initial consult you receive a tailored program offer.


It is time to implement your your corporate nutrition initiative.

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