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Feed Your Child

Without Losing Your Mind

4-week small group counseling

available next Autumn 2020

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Feed Your Child
Without Losing Your Mind
A 4-week program for parents with kids between 4-10 yrs

Is your child having a difficult relationship with food? Are mealtimes stressful for both of you? Do you sometimes catch yourself bribing or rewarding your child with food? Are you ready to help your child establish a healthy relationship with food? It is our responsibility to help kids have a healthy relationship with food to develop better eating habits and proactively address childhood obesity, eating disorders and the toxic influence of today’s diet culture.

This program is a NON-DIET, holistic approach to encourage better eating habits and a healthy relationship with food. Together we will help your child develop healthy eating habits and the necessary awareness for intuitive eating and by doing so allow them to enjoy a variety of foods without guilt, shame, fear now, and in the future.

Feed your kids better without losing your mind (We can even stop here, can!t we?)

During these 4 -weeks you will:

  • Building a strong foundation for your child’s relationship with food by working on food exposure, portions, meal times, and more!

  • Reduce stress around food and mealtime for everyone involved

  • Eliminate subconscious diet talk, food praising and food as a bribe or reward tool

  • Eliminate any parent guilt, fear, shame around food, snack and meals for your own mental health

  • Transform mealtimes by letting go of all the food stress, while enjoying improved health and shared mealtimes with your loved ones 

The program includes:

  • A practical guide to feeding your child well without using your mind

  • Weekly (online) round-table conversation with other participating parents to address challenges and find practical solutions together with a holistic nutrition expert

  • Recipe ideas-for kids to make

  • ‘’Lunchbox’’ and other meal ideas that everyone in the family can enjoy

This program is for YOU if you are ready to:

Parenting is hard and feeding kids can get tricky! Although picky eating has a genetic component to it (and in some cases can even be associated with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and other medical conditions) we can always do something to put kids on a road to eating better. While this journey is challenging it is also very empowering and rewarding!

This program is here to SUPPORT YOU with the right tools and knowledge to put your child on the road to eating better and become your young one’s own holistic nutritionist.

f you have any questions left, send us a message to schedule a free discovery call and discuss any potential questions before signing up.


If you are ready to rock and roll go ahead and purchase your participation directly through our organizing partner; Reebok CrossFit Duna once registration opens mid-June 2020.

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