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Nutrition Coaching Bundles 

My mission is to give you the knowledge, practices, protocols and with all that confidence to not only conquer your current goals but also to continue on your journey on your own, even after our work together has ended.

You will learn why we are doing what we are doing, what you need to do to get where you want to be and how you can do it in the most enjoyable and sustainable way prioritizing life-long health and fitness.

​You will receive:

  • Onboarding assessment week

  • Metabolic and Hormonal type guidance

  • Macronutrient and Calorie specifications

  • Female Cycle Synching to Diet and Training Plan

  • Meal timing and Supplement Recommendations

  • Personalized Recipe Board and further supporting materials

  • Video consultation check-ins and ongoing email and text support in-between


Bundle Pricing

Session frequency is flexible and tailored to your schedule but for adequate accountability they are recommended to be used at least every 6 weeks and to be used within the calendar year. 

3 occasion bundle

200 EUR / bundle

6  occasion bundle
-the  A LA CARTE -

320 EUR / bundle

12 occasion bundle
-the ALL
(you can eat) IN-

580 EUR / bundle

A lite but essential package of

3 sessions for smaller changes.

This is for you if:

-you are close to your goal physique, but you feel you need some tweaks and accountability to finally hit your goals or,

-you are generally healthy but not feeling your best right now and want to improve your eating habits with someone looking over and optimizing your routine.

The most popular* choice;

6 sessions for bigger changes & habit shifts

This is for you if:

-you are looking to change a few clothing sizes and or kilos by building a personalized nutrition and fitness protocol that optimize your current routines and create the lasting results you are after.

Are you ready for big big changes?

12 sessions for the big changes & a lifestyle transformation you will love

This is for you if:

-you have a big transformation ahead of you and would like to be supported throughout the ups and downs until you are maintaining significant results and feel confident running the show on your own.

Our Work Together will look like this...

Every body is different. And so is our way of living. What works for one won’t work for another. That’s why your program is customized uniquely to your needs and goals.  After an initial assessment we will decide on the frequency and the number of our sessions and begin our work together.  Together we are  going to change the way you think about all things dieting, food and eating habits and our body.

No more depriving, only thriving!

You and I are working  together on creating your best lifestyle. Hiring a coach is only the beginning. Lasting changes improvements in your health and physique will come from unlearning a bunch of past behaviors that aren't serving your goals and creating new ones instead.


To ensure and maximize your success I will teach you about all things nutrition and health and turn everything you need to know into digestible, practical tools for you to apply. Food quality, food quantity, what works for your unique body and why will be our main focuses. Understanding why we are doing what we are doing  is key to life-long health & fitness success.


My goal is to give you the confidence and education needed, to continue conquering your journey on your own. 

The check-ins are there for you not only to assess and evaluate your progress but to learn EVERYTHING about your best nutrition, so you will have the confidence when it comes to navigating your best lifestyle. With every check-in we will agree on your target goals and you will receive the necessary supporting material you need to succeed. Then together we reflect and closely monitor your progress to make adjustments until everything clicks.


Imagine you sign up for a nutrition course, but it is only about what YOU need.

You will not only learn to confidently optimize your meals to fit your health and body composition goals but reflect on your current habits and triggers to better understand the way you make food related decisions and improve them in the long-run. You will feel better than ever working with your body, instead of against it!

While I am here to support you every step along the way, you are in the driver's seat. You and only you can make this work.

Once you finished the program you will be able to check-in upon demand at an alumni rate if you prefer the accountability.


Let's work together and find your best way of eating and define what balance means to you. On top of this you receive a complimentary personalized training plan that meets you where you are right now and guides your performance and body composition goals.

I’m ready when you are.



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