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Personal Training
60 / class or 500 EUR / 10 classes

Moving your body can lift your mood, boost your confidence and you will feel that in absolutely everything else you do. For many, an hour exercising a day is the only hour of the day they are actually focusing on themselves. This is important. *Me Time* is important. It might not solve your problem, but it will probably help you clear your mind, quiet the worries, and make you feel fantastic knowing you take good care of yourself. Depending on your goals and preference you will work with Dana or Sören.  


Your new gym is Budapest's coolest functional gym, located in a rustic old boathouse on Hajógyári Island. It is only a 5-minute walk away from the Szentlélek tér and the H5 line. 

Keep reading to find out more or even better, go ahead and book a trial session, and see the magic for yourself! The price of your trial class will then be counted towards your pass.

Working together we will set performance goals, that will totally transform you not only physically but will skyrocket your self-esteem and develop your mindset!

By doing so you will be able to better maintain, tone, and even build muscle, optimize your body fat levels, improve your posture, your endurance, your strength, and your stamina to just name a few. Training with a purpose, using a tailored strategy is the absolute BEST WAY to tone up, lean out, feel full of energy, and ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD!


It is time to feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in your skin and be proud of what your body can do! Such confidence will transfer to everything you do and make you feel the rockstar you are!

  • Resistance training

  • Weight training

  • Body-weight training including gymnastics drills

  • Low intensity and high-intensity cardio

  • Pilates and mobility exercises


  • 10x 60-minute personal training in a functional gym

  • Prescribed mobility and stretching movements based on goals and needs

  • Holiday workouts based on goals and needs

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