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or buy into a program, look closer!

Let's say you are ready to invest in your health and fitness journey and thinking about working with a coach or buying into an online program. There are a few important things to research and consider before you start. These will not only determine whether your investment is worth it, but immensely influence your chance to succeed.

I learned them the hard way when I started my fitness journey. Here they are;


Not because the paper itself matters, but because the area of expertise does. You want to work with someone who is an expert in and passionate about the field you want to get involved in. Also, depending on the country you are in there are different rules on who is legally qualified to give you (and essentially sell you) advice.


How do you keep in touch? Do you connect via E-mails, calls, in-person check-ins? What response time can you expect? How many other clients are there (=how much attention are you getting)? Is this working for you? Will this keep you accountable?


Are you investing in knowledge and a custom approach, custom plan? Does the offer match your goals, needs and preferences? Because of an obviously higher value those should and will be at a higher price point than generic templates and sample plans. In fact, in my opinion generic templates and sample plans should not cost you a thing. I include these in my coaching only as examples to inspire, or make the beginning a little easier (less things to think about at first) and also share some online completely free. (Visit the FREE RESOURCES tab on the website for the latest materials)


Supplement and equipment-can and should be recommended if they serve your goals and best interest, but in my opinion your success should not depend on them, therefore they should not be required, especially not post-sign up. Your future coach or provider should definitely tell you about any additional costs, but it is also in your best interest to make sure they do especially if the recommendations are tied to a commission.

Discounts are great! but it is only fair that you know where they come from.


Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons will never feel a 100% right. Even if it was the right decision, if I was pressured into it, it would leave me feeling a tad bit sour…

A little tough love, a reality check from your future coach is just fine and can push you to the right direction, but guilting you into anything is not a good sign to begin with.

Consider your goals, your options and make the best decision for yourself to be able to feel content with it and make the most out of it.

I hope these points will help you decide what is best for you. Do get in touch if you have any questions regarding these points, coaching or fitness and health in general.

Take care and stay healthy!

PS: You can read more about who you can trust with nutrition advice in this post.

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