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Many people begin their fitness journey by cutting foods out of their diet on the basis of what they consider good and bad. The problem with this is that these considerations are very much influenced by current diet trends, social media and marketing and many more that are often do not cover the importance of energy balance.

With the intuitive eating movement trending counting macronutrients and calories is getting a bad rep, but this is tricky. While the quality of food you are eating has massive effects on your health and we want everyone to prioritize health, we also want our clients to see the changes in their bodies they want to see.

The amount of food and its macronutrient proportion have a larger role in determining your body composition than the quality of food you are eating.

We don’t want you to choose quantity over quality, but we want you to get a good understanding of both, so you have more flexibility and more fun, while chasing your health and fitness goals.

When it comes to losing or gaining weight energy in or calories in (everything you consume) and energy out or calories out (the energy you are spending) will determine the change.Some food, often referred to as healthy foods, have more nutrients (=good stuff for your health) than the ones often referred to us unhealthy, processed of junk food. Regardless of nutrient density all foods have calories. It is important to acknowledge the caloric value of your food, especially if you are looking to make changes in your weight or body composition.

Intuitive eating as pure and mentally healthy it sounds is not as easy to do. What I mean is that it is not as easy to do it in a way that you also get to see the changes in your body you want to see. Most of us know exactly what to eat, we are also aware if we should probably be eating a bit less or a bit more. The issue usually is a little bit more complex. Some of people are emotional eaters, some are stress eaters… some are although carrying extra weight are malnourished, having their hormones out of balance never really feel full or never even feel really hungry yet keep eating. Trying to ‘’intuitive eat’’ in any of these cases will likely to lead the person eating a surplus of calories.

Using macro and calorie tracking should not be demonized. It is essentially a measurable system you can use to help you reach your goals. It is not more restrictive than shutting out entire food groups of your diet. It is not more obsessive than not eating after 6pm. If anything, it allows you a lot of freedom with your food and eating schedule, while keeps the amounts in check. Also, tracking does not need to last forever. After tracking for a while, you will be able to eyeball the amounts and make confident choices without having to measure anything.

If you would like to get your nutrition in check, learn more about how to work out the best way to eat for your goals check out our 3 months Private Coaching program, sign up for a free intro call and we take it from there! :)


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