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Sometimes we all feel like we need a little extra help. If you decide to spend money but even more importantly time and energy on getting healthier and fitter, make sure to pick a professional or a service worthy of having your trust and serving you long term.

Meal plans are often the first thing people purchase, when they decide on improving their diet.

We are rather sceptical about the long-term benefits of such plans and in the following post I will try to make you see why.

Meal plans most of the time contain one week, or sometimes one-month worth of meal ideas planned for you. Something you just buy online without providing any information about yourself. Meal plans often reflect the current diet and the favourite meals of the person who made them. They can be priced at a very reasonable rate, but we have seen some ridiculously overpriced examples too. Meal plans could be a good start if you are just looking for inspiration and ideas for what to eat. Decide how much that worths for you and consider this when you are making a purchasing decision.

So, why don’t we sell meal plans?

Because you do not have to eat what we eat. You do not have to like what we like. We do not know your schedule, your budget, your allergies, your sensitivities, your taste, your size, your goals, your training, your medical history. And we certainly do not want you to try eating 6 to 7 portions of ridiculously small portions of plain chicken breast, boiled broccoli and brown rice every day until you regret ever wanting to get fit.

We don’t sell meal plans, because provide them as part of our private coaching. We offer these as samples rather than products that will provide long-term value to our clients.

You might think committing to a nutrition coaching for weeks is too much time or perhaps too expensive for you and you much rather buy a meal plan and buy the “solution” for your problems.

What are the chances you will eat those exact same meals for the rest of your life? Do you just want to follow a plan for a week or a month?

Quite honestly, if you are already thinking to end your journey before you’ve even started, you are not setting yourself up for success.

Also, as cliché as it sounds, Rome wasn’t built in a day. No long-term change will happen in four weeks, not to mention in a week time. We humans are creatures of our habits. You are the truest representation of your daily habits and your choices that accumulated over years of your life.

What we want for you is to get a good understanding of what foods and how much of them are going to help you get and stay where you want to be.

We want that you create a lifestyle that you can enjoy and that ultimately helps you get healthier, fitter and everything else you want to be.

In our individual nutrition coaching;

*we ask about your past, your present and your goals for the future

*we listen, we brainstorm, and we plan

*we give you our best recommendations for your unique situation

*we guide and support you along the way with plenty of information, material, tips and tricks, basically everything we can do to help you

What is your job?

Show up, put in the work, ask questions, give feedback, trust yourself and the process.


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